As many of you will know we cook and bake all of our food. We don’t make huge quantities of any one thing so we can offer a varied selection of tasty treats every day.

Whilst many of products can be eaten on the door step once we have delivered them. We think a more refined way for some is to sit down perhaps with a glass of something nice. If this sounds more appealing you may want to think about heating up your bakehouse special, slice or quiche….

To help keep it simple we have put together a simple heating guide that allows you to focus on the more important things. We have also added some warm up instructions for our scones, nothing better than the butter melting!

Tasty treatOven heating ( preheated)Microwave heating ( 700w)
Quiche15 mins at 180 C2 mins per slice
Potato tart20 mins at 180 C3 mins per slice
Scones5-10 mins at 100 C10 – 15 seconds

Use By

All of our food is labelled when you receive it with a use by date, please make sure that all food is kept refrigerated and consumed before the use by date.

Home freezing

None of our products are pre frozen so they can all easily be home frozen. Please ensure all defrosted food is used kept refrigerated and used within 48 hrs


All possible food allergens are listed on the product page on our website


At Meadow Farm Bake House we have your health interest at heart and want you to enjoy all of our food confident that is poses no risk to your health and wellbeing.

Any customers that have any form of medical condition, food intolerance or food allergies please be aware that while our products are made from natural ingredients, free of preservative and additives there are other food sources used in our kitchen, so there may be traces of products such as milk, eggs, gluten and nuts. Meadow Farm Bake House will not be liable for adverse reactions to food consumed or other items an individual may come into contact with while eating any of our product.

Food Allergy Disclaimer
Meadow Farm Bake House makes every attempt to identify ingredients that may cause an allergic reactions for those with food allergies. However there is always risk of contamination as in our kitchen we use products such as milk, eggs, gluten etc, although we have strict cross contamination policies and we’re “peanut-free” facility we cannot guarantee a total absence of these products in any of our bakery or deli items.

Please contact with specific questions you may have regarding allergens or food consumption