Gluten free afternoon tea for one! Includes a selection of gluten free sandwiches, cakes and scones with strawberry jam and rodda’s clotted cream. The sandwich fillings are gammon and dijon mustard, egg and watercress, roast beef, and cheddar and chutney, which are made on either gluten free granary or white bread. The cake selection is dependant on the stock available at the time, however will include something like orange and almond, chocolate and hazelnut brownie, peach melba, and/or gluten free raspberry bakewell. Perfect treat for someones birthday, a gift for someone, or just something to enjoy on an afternoon.

Serving suggestions: 1 afternoon tea box serves 1 person.

*Image displayed is for a traditional afternoon tea, NOT gluten free, however if you order this product it will be gluten free*

(Image shows a box for one)


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